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A high intensity 30 min cardio burn on Spin indoor cycles followed by a 30 min deep, effect stretch using Yoga Asana'a to target major muscle groups, especially those used when cycling and targeted abs and oblique muscle focus. All fitness levels welcome.


A fun, full-body functional exercise class! Improves strength, balance, coordination, endurance and agility. Taught by the amazing Gia Fey! All fitness levels welcome.


Suspension Training body weight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. This training style leverages gravity and the user’s body weight to complete hundreds of exercises. Throw in the use of free weights to round out this strength building class. All fitness levels welcome.

body fire

Strengthen, Sculpt & Supercharge your stamina by alternating fast n' fun intervals of boxing and mixed martial arts inspired techniques. With carefully chosen flexibility practices, this rhythm-rooted, form focused interval training will inspire confidence while making you sweat! All fitness levels welcome.

Mat Pilates

Pilates mat work is some of the most effective work you can do to strengthen the ‘core muscles’ or your ‘powerhouse’. Pilates will strengthen you from the inside out like weights and aerobics cannot. In mat Pilates you use your own body weight as resistance as you perform a series of exercises that work on core stabilization, spine flexion, extension, and rotation. In other words you get strong and flexible at the same time. All fitness levels welcome.

Body Sculpt

Are you looking for a full body workout? Target all the major muscle groups in one workout - arms, legs, chest, back, shoulders, abs and glutes… it’s all here! Plus we’ll pay special attention to the abdominal! For beginners, this is a great introduction to total body fitness, and for the more advanced, it’s a great way to eliminate weaknesses and chisel your physique. Regardless of your fitness level, rest assured you’ll get an awesome workout.

Power Flow Yoga

A vigorous, dynamic, music filled Vinyasa flow class that will make you sweat. Move through a sequence of poses, adding balances for strength, core work and an overall, full-body stretch. Suitable for experienced yogis with some modifications offered. All fitness/yoga levels welcome.

Yoga Blend

A creative and inspiring flow class aimed at aligning your physical fitness and your mental strength. This class utilizes a blend of techniques to increase strength, balance and flexibility, reduce stress, and awaken your full potential. All fitness levels welcome.